With an abundance of fat loss tips, tricks, and myths – learning what works best to attain that strong, lean physique can be quite overwhelming! Good news is, there are proven foods that can help you reach your weight loss goals. They are all easily accessible both at your grocery stores and eating out. If you make an effort to incorporate these 5 foods into your diet, you may need to make a beeline to the department store for newer, smaller jeans…


A perfect combination of protein, carbs, and fat, lentils certainly know how to keep the tummy flat. These mildly flavored beans help prevent insulin spikes in your body that create unwanted excess fat. Enjoy all colors of lentils in your salad, soup, or even pasta!




This pretty fish packed with omega-3s helps to keep your heart healthy, improves insulin sensitivity, and tastes delightful in a number of ways. Salmon can help build strong, lean muscle mass that burns far more calories in your body than fat does. Be sure to choose wild salmon (contains less pollutants), and enjoy it over salad, for a main course with roasted asparagus, or even in a whole wheat, veggie packed wrap for lunch! Here fishy fishy!



This cruciferous beauty is packed with vitamins A, C, and K. Broccoli is great for bone building and contains cancer-fighting properties.  Steamed, grill, raw, chopped; this fiber-filled, super low calorie vegetable can be eaten a number of ways, and will fill you right up! Try it in your omelets, on pizza, or chopped up in your salad.


Almonds help regulate your blood sugar, which lowers the risk of heart attacks. That’s a score already! Naturally packed with vitamins and minerals, almond butter contains super healthy fats and fiber that will undoubtedly keep you satisfied longer. I consider almonds one of Nature’s vitamins that be kept in your desk, your purse, your car, your cabinets; making them easily accessible any time, anywhere!



This high fiber, low calorie, on the go snack will help keep you fuller longer and possibly prevent you from eating additional calories at your next meal. Being antioxidant-rich, apples may also prevent metabolic syndrome. Chomp away!

Women’s Strength Training Expert, Pre and Post Natal Trainer