We’ve had a couple decent snowstorms so far this winter. And as much as we all look forward to tossing on the sweats, keeping cozy by the fireplace, and hardly leaving our abodes during the storm, you may find yourself getting ants in your pants. Which is a good thing. Lounging too long is NOT good for your health for so many reasons.

To get rid of those ants, let’s all do this workout! Burn a few extra calories and releases toxins too 😉


Dirty 30 WARM UP:

30 second march in place

30 jumping jacks

30 butt kicks

30 high knees

30 second march in place with arms over head



20 Squat to Front Kicks

20 Squat to Side Kicks

20 Single Leg Push Ups (10 each leg)

20 Single Leg Tricep Dips (10 each leg)

30 Floor to Ceiling Quick Squats (squat down, touch hands to floor, quickly rise & raise arms to ceiling)

20 Supermans (face down)

1 minute of a Perfect Plank