Ok ladies, I don’t understand the where this crop top fashion statement is coming from.  I feel like almost every shirt I pull off the rack is a shortened version of what could be the perfect shirt. Showing the toned belly is sexy in the right atmosphere, as long as you are feeling comfortable, confident, and free!

So for those of you that are most comfortable with this style, sometimes comfortable with this style, or never comfortable with this style, my Crop Top Workout suits all bellies! Even if you bare it or not, having a strong, toned tummy is healthy and sexy!

“Crop Top Show Stopper” Circuit

Complete this circuit 3-4 times per week


50 mini crunches, legs flat

50 mini crunches, legs bent


– 20 Elbow to Knee crunches

– 10 Side Plank Dips (each side)

– 20 Slow Leg Lifts

– 20 Hip Raises

– 20 V-Sits



crop top never

….. Did anyone notice how I snuck in a total of SIX HUNDRED repetitions for you?! CONGRATULATIONS!!!