…How to flush out the bloat from last night’s celebrations…

You happily indulged in a sodium-loaded meal with sugar-packed, festive NYE drinks last night, and woke up puffy-faced and dehydrated this morning. It happens, just hopefully not frequently. The absolute best way to rid morning after bloat is to rehydrate and break a serious sweat. However, there are a few other tricks of the trade that can help you dance into the New Year feeling as light as a feather!

DRINK WATER– It will help flush fluids and food through your system faster. And sip, don’t chug. Again, drink at least half your body weight in ounces, or more if you’ve worked out. Ex; If you weight 130 lbs, drink at least 60 oz water.

DRINK TEA– Choose ginger, mint, or dandelion tea to soothe your digestive system and help increase water consumption.

EAT YOGURT– Even a serving a low fat yogurt can supply you with the probiotics and active cultures your digestive needs to flush things through. Try topping plain Greek yogurt with fresh berries and flaxseeds.

MOVE YOUR BOD – Ideally, you should break a sweat as soon as possible. If that’s not in the cards, increase your steps during the day by walking, taking the stairs, or even cleaning.

AVOID – Gum, alcohol, cigarettes, caffeinated drinks, and artificial sweeteners. Some of these items have you pushing more air into your digestive system than necessary. The others can cause bloating by ingesting sorbitol and carbon dioxide. C’mon, you can avoid anything for at least a day.