The weather is frigid outside and the last thing you want to do is bundle up and head to the gym. And that is OK! Use your warm, cozy, private living room to get one of the best workouts this week! No equipment necessary except for a chair, a wall, water, and a timer.  Pump up your favorite jams, turn on the morning news, or enjoy complete silence.  Make it YOUR zone.

In honor of the Glam Gams that dominated the Victoria’s Secret runway last night, this lower body workout awaits you…


– High knees for 1 minute
– Butt kicks for 1 minute
– 50 jumping jacks
– Side lunge heel taps, 20 each side


– 50/forward lunges each leg
– 50 reverse lunges each leg
– 50 side lunges each leg
– 50 jump squats
– 25 split squats on each leg, back foot on chair
– Two minute wall sit
***Repeat 3-4x***
My Post Workout meal:
Four egg whites and a bowl of diced fruit fresh

Happy sweating!!!