Feast Day? Eat breakfast.

No excuses, no exceptions, no questions. Start your day with a light bite to eat. Examples: Greek yogurt with berries and low fat granola. One egg on a slice of whole grain toast topped with guacamole.  Peanut or almond butter schmeared on a small banana.

You’ll need to prepare your digestive system for the wild party that is about to go down, literally. When you skip a meal, your body goes into “starvation mode” to conserve energy, slowing your metabolism. Breakfast kickstarts your metabolism allowing your body to actually burn more calories throughout the day. Also, you won’t feel as ravenous come lunch or dinner, saving you hundreds of calories without even a thought.

But let’s face it. Your caloric intake may easily exceed your energy output during this time of the year. Do yourself a favor and create some balance so your New Year’s resolution can involve something other than shedding those unwanted holiday pounds!  

All you need to do is…WORK IT OUT!

No equipment necessary, just water and a towel!

The Warm Up:

50 jumping jacks
50 high knees
50 butt kicks
20 air squats

The Workout:

*1 minute of each exercise, as many reps as possible

Jump squats
1 minute rest

Split jumps
Mountain climbers
Decline pushups (feet on chair, hands on floor)
Shadow boxing
Rest 1minute