The combination of being pregnant and having “sweets season” around the corner may just sound disastrous. Have no fear! Here are a few hassle-free ways for us glowing mamas to keep it clean, sweet, and celebratory while staying in control of our health and nutrition. Let’s keep that bump fit and fabulous for the entire holiday season!
Eat for Energy: Start your day with a Bundle Organics juice, duh! Not only are the flavors dynamite, but each juice is loaded with vitamins and nutrients that our bodies and babies absolutely need. It’s a win-win! Also, water should be your best friend. Staying hydrated during pregnancy can help to increase energy levels, carries nutrients to your baby, cleans and replenishes your organs, softens skin, and decreases risk for urinary tract infections and preterm labor. Aim for at least 8 glasses per day. Bottoms up!
Parties and temptations are inevitable this time of year. When you are not out celebrating and munching on cute, calorie-loaded holiday appetizers, you have more control over what you put into your body and baby. To maintain blood sugar levels, healthy weight gain, energy levels and emotions, choose whole grains, green leafy veggies, lean proteins, and high fiber foods for your precious pregnancy diet. Examples are: oats, quinoa, Ezekiel bread, spinach, kale, swiss chard, egg whites, chicken, white fish, salmon, legumes, almonds, apples, and berries.
Work It Out: Never lose sight of your fitness. Prenatal exercise is proven to be very beneficial for your baby’s growth. If you can only squeeze in 20 minutes of movement per day, make it happen. There are only benefits here. Some examples are: light strength training routines, prenatal yoga/Pilates/barre, incline walking, elliptical, or prenatal youtube exercise videos in your living room. Again, make it happen.
Stress Free: Keep away from clutter! Make an effort to tidy up your surroundings. Clutter makes us subconsciously feel out of control, chaotic, and less motivated. Take a few extra minutes to put things away, light a scrumptious smelling candle, and remember to take deep breaths when you are feeling overwhelmed in that long shopping line. Your baby needs you calm, cool, and collected!
Secret Tip: For baby, for beauty, for strength, for emotions, for those around you – SLEEP. This may mean sacrificing a party or an early morning sale, but sleep is a crucial component for the health of our growing baby and ourselves. Stay selfish here and log those hours of much needed rest!
And here’s a little humor while rockin’ a bump through the holidays:
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