No time to prepare healthy food for yourself and your family?

Are you addicted to sugar, chocolate, or packaged snacks?

Are you tired of being tired?

Do you want to be more efficient in the kitchen?

Think “healthy eating” is too expensive?

Worried that you aren’t eating healthy enough?

Are you unsure how to navigate the grocery store and choose products wisely?

Or, are you on the diet hamster wheel and just need a real, life-long solution?

Well, I’m really happy we’ve “met” here.  If you only take away one thing from visiting this page, please keep in mind that we work from the inside out. Together, we unearth what drives you, what tickles your tastebuds, and what you expect out of working together. It’s about what works for you, that will lead to healthy habits. Instead of an overhaul all at once, we shift.

We start with an overall evaluation of your current dietary intake, lifestyle, and medical history. We flag areas in need of improvement, emphasize things that are currently working, and suggest nutrient-dense solutions that make sense for your lifestyle and preferences.

A single session “spring cleaning” to simplify your current habits and inspire change. $150

A 5-session relationship to kick start a healthier, efficient way of planning and eating. $700

A 10-session relationship to map out the plan where your life and your nutrition will thrive together as one. Recipes, grocery lists, sample meal plans, tips and more. $1300

Meetings are available online via skype, phone, or in person in NYC.

Change starts now, not on Monday.