Hi Everyone 🙂

In honor of Halloween, I’m sharing this tried and true workout with you. During only the first half, I was “frightened” I wouldn’t make through! But believe in yourself, you can do it! What pushed me through until completion was attempting to beat my personal record in timing. There is no better competition than You against You, to become the best YOU. I used this stopwatch: http://www.online-stopwatch.com/, and beat my previous record by 2 minutes!


A mat, your body, water.


Complete 50 reps of each exercise, which totals 500 reps at completion. Record your time and beat yourself next time around!

1. Prisoner squats (keep hands locked behind head)

2. Push ups

3. Forward to reverse lunges (25 each leg)

4. Plank position knee crunch (in plank, alternate knees to shoulders)

5. Mountain climbers

6. Hip twisters

7. Jump lunges (25 each leg)

8. Narrow to wide pushups (25 narrow hand, 25 wide hand)

9. Star jumps (jump as high as you can, spreading limbs as far out as possible)

10. High knees

Stretch, sip, shower, eat!

Until next time…hee hee hee whoo whoo whoo  😈