INGREDIENTS: Water, one set of dumbbells, chair, living room floor.

Upper Body:
3 X 10-20 push-ups (keep your core tight)
3 X 15 triceps dips (use a chair or stair)
3 X 15 bicep curls with dumbbells
3 X 15 Seated shoulder presses with dumbbells
50 arm Circles forward
50 arm circles backward

Lower body:
50 bodyweight squats
3 X 20 forward lunges
3 X 20 reverse lunges
50 calf raises (staircase)

15 bodyweight bridges on each leg. Raise and lower hips to floor, keep one leg straight and other foot flat on floor. Drive through heel.


50 mini, slow Crunches with legs flat on ground
3 X 20 V-sits
3 X 20 toe touches
3 X 30 slow, cross-leg crunches, back flat on floor.
3 X 20 (each side), heel taps. Keep legs bent, tap hand to heel and squeeze sides of waist.


Please report back to me on your progress! This is your assignment! Good luckĀ :)