Whip your company into shape and increase more than just the bottom line. Recent studies have shown that happier, healthier, motivated employees lead to a more powerful business force. Be that force! Let our fitness and health professionals educate your people and facilitate the most engaging, fun on-site fitness programs that will take your workforce to the next level in more ways than one!

Fitness Classes

From yoga to bootcamps to Pilates to sculpting classes, we send our highly trained instructors to your workplace to take your employees to the next level, and keep them engaged. Class packs offered quarterly.

Biggest Gainer Challenge

Because there is so much more to gain from physical fitness than just weight loss.

Get fitter, get stronger, get healthier, get happier. This 6-week challenge will get your employees revved up to compete, commit, and grow together as a force. Get ready for a kickoff rally, initial/mid/final fitness assessments, rewards for winners, and coach support.  We offer variations of this challenge so please inquire for details!

Eat To Win

Small changes lead to big rewards. Challenge your employees to simple nutritional adjustments that just may lead to a healthier habit. Expect to learn how to kick the coffee habit, boost metabolism, eat for energy, healthy snacking, natural detoxing, sugar swaps, and much more. Healthful prizes awarded for winners.

Walk It Off

Step by step, we lead a walking challenge that aims to increase physical movement amongst your employees. Short bouts of exercise during the day can lead to increased productivity, creativity, and energy! A little employee competition can go a long way, with encouragement, support, praise, and reward throughout the challenge!

*Have something else in mind? Let’s chat about the best options for your business!