Ladies, training your backside is crucial for postural alignment. Aesthetically, having a proper posture will make you look leaner with that sculpted back and tight tummy! Back strength training is also extremely helpful for injury prevention, flexibility, and open back dresses, of course. Since spot training may not get you the results you may have hoped for, I chose 4 exercises that cover the entire set of back muscles that will strengthen, tone, and tighten all the right areas!


Tones:  Back, Glutes, Hamstrings

Lie on your stomach, face down, arms in front of you.  Simultaneously raise your arms, legs, and chest and hold for 2 seconds. Exhale on the raise, inhale when you release.

Tones:  Lower Back, Core, Glutes, Hamstrings
Lie facedown on a hyperextension bench and place ankles firmly against the pads. Cross your arms at your chest, and lower your body forward as far as possible while keeping your back straight. Press heels into the pads and raise upward to starting position. Inhale on the descent, exhale as you come back to starting position.
Tones:  Lats, Middle Back, Biceps
Sit down at the wide grip lat pulldown machine and adjust knee pads to ensure they are comfortably placed on top of your knees. Grab the bar at the curve, and with your palms facing forward. Slightly lean back and stick your chest out, having a small curve in your lower back. Draw your elbows downward and shoulders back while pulling the bar to the top of your chest. Exhale on the pull down, inhale as you release the bar back up.
Tones:  Middle back, Biceps, Lats, Shoulders
Have a seat at the low cable row machine, with a V-bar attached. Place your feet flat on the platform with knees slightly bent. As you lean to grab the V-bar, keep your torso straight. As you pull the bar towards the middle of your abs, keep your straight torso 90 degrees from your bent legs and stick chest out. Slowly release to starting position and repeat. Exhale as you pull the bar inward, inhale as you release the bar to starting position.
And never forget:
strong is the new beautiful
Written by
Womens’ Strength Training Expert, Pre and Post Natal Trainer