This gorgeous day will turn into a sweet summer night. The sweet summer night will likely turn into a Thirsty Thursday outing with your friends and or coworkers. The Thirsty Thursday liquid caloric intake will likely surpass the amount of sugar that should be enjoyed¬†in a day. But life is all about balance, right?! So let’s balance it out by completing this quick, 20-minute calorie-torching, total body workout to crank¬†that metabolism!

Warm Up:

5 minutes on cardio machine OR

50 jumping jacks, 50 high knees, 50 butt kicks, 25 air squats REPEAT 3X


20 Jump Squats (or 40 air squats, no jump)

20 Pushups (modification: on knees)

50 total Mountain Climbers

20 Supermans

20 Leg lifts

20 total plank hip twisters (rotate until each hip touches floor)



Enjoy your night out!

With love, sweat, and cheers,