Toned, strong, and pregnant? Yes you can be! And it’s never too late to start exercising. Just a tad bit of effort, a doctor’s clearance, and enough inner drive to keep in shape for your growing miracle inside, working out while pregnant has far more benefits than not. To name just a few…

You’ll gain less weight and be able to bounce back faster.

Your exercise is healthy for your baby.

Labor and delivery may be easier for you.

You can significantly lower your gestational diabetes risk.

Pregnancy symptoms may be more mild.

You’ll have more energy and confidence.

As you can see, the benefits are well worth the effort.  And ladies never forget the Number 1 rule with prenatal exercise: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, throughout every single movement!

Exercise modifications I’ve personally made during this pregnancy:

  • Decreasingly lowered the weight lifted from first to third trimester
  • Increased my range of repetitions
  • Decreased HIIT cardio and maintained 30-45 minutes of steady state cardio (arc trainer, incline walking intervals, elliptical, row machine, stationary bike), depending on how I felt that day.
  • Used a gym day as either a cardio/stretching/core work (yes, you can and should properly work core while pregnant) routine, OR a strength training/stretching routine. Never did both in the same day due to the lower energy level. I really enjoyed separating the strength and cardio days, allowing me to use my energy wisely!
  • Did (prenatal) yoga! The stretches, hip opening, strengthening, and mental relaxation always makes me feel completely rejuvenated. Since I did not have time to attend 1 hour classes on the reg, I would follow 20-30 minute online prenatal yoga videos a few times a week in my living room. Even lit a candle to get into my zone 🙂

Here is my workout for today…just 4 days short of hitting 9 months in my pregnancy. I created this one to TONE the tush, shoulders, and triceps! TIP: Be sure to control each movement with the muscle that is being worked. If you need to incorporate more muscle groups just to lift and lower, that is a sign you are using too much weight. HAPPY SWEATING, YOU FIT MAMA!

Warm Up – 5 minutes on elliptical


  • 20 plie squats holding 20lb dumbbell
  • 25 lateral raises 5lb dumbbells
  • 30 triceps rear raises 5lb dumbbells
  • REPEAT 4x


  • 20 pulse lunges each leg
  • 25 rear flies 5lb dumbbells
  • 20 bench dips

Depending on energy level after first 2 sets:


  • 20 Cable kickbacks each leg 15-20lbs
  • 25 triceps cable rope push downs
  • 25 cable high pulls


You are beautiful. You are strong. Treat your body well and it will work wonders for you 🙂