Just don’t sit on it. Please join me for this lower body, energy-boosting workout.

The couch can surprisingly be used for activity aside from lounging. After I successfully put my son in his crib for the night, ME time had thankfully and finally just begun, and I had 2 options. 1). Plop my body on that couch and online surf or 2). workout with the minimal steam that I had. Out of nowhere, option 2 won me over. Before my mind changed, I tossed on workout clothes and changed the nursery rhymes Spotify station to some super high energy techno music and got to work…


Warm Up: 

50 Jumping Jacks, 40 high knees, 30 butt kicks, 20 air squats

The Workout:

***Complete as many reps as possible for each exercise in 60 seconds. Do 3 rounds.***

Split squats (30 seconds each leg)

180 Squat Jumps (30sec each side)

Squat To Tushy Touch – Keep arms over head, squat low to tap couch with tush

Jump Split Squats (30 seconds each leg)

Glute Bridge – on the floor