This month filled with parties, food and drink indulgence, and skipped gym days? Sounds like more than perfect reasons to sweat any chance you get to keep your metabolism from hibernating. You can do the workout below right now, in your home. No excuses; it only takes 20 minutes to complete this total body blast. And, if you participated in my 7 Day Turkey Trim Down, this may look familiar 🙂


No equipment necessary, just water and a towel!

The Warm Up:

50 jumping jacks
50 high knees
50 butt kicks
20 air squats

The Workout:

Tabata training!
*For each exercise, you will complete 8 rounds of: 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. Each tabata is a total of 4 minutes. Give yourself 1 minute rest in between each tabata.

Exercise 1: Sprint in place (use arms, knees to waist)
Exercise 2: Split jumps
Exercise 3: Incline pushups (feet on floor, hands on chair)
Exercise 4: Burpees with a pushup