Burn extra calories before, during, and post Sunday Funday’s indulgent brunch by doing this calorie-torching workout before you even leave the house. More sugars and bad fats are hidden in those menu choices than you could even imagine. But, I am all about living in moderation and choosing my splurges wisely.  If you are someone that loves to enjoy good food with friends on a beautiful weekend, I urge you to work up a sweat pre-brunch so you REV your metabolism before indulging!!!


*This workout requires no equipment and should take you about 25 minutes.


50 jumping jacks

25 jump squats

10 (each side) push up and rotate to side plank

50 mountain climbers

25 supermans

25 split jumps

25 tricep push ups

50 mountain climbers





YOU’VE EARNED IT! Now go ahead and CHEERS to friends, family, health, and BRUNCH!