It’s crunch time – literally.  You have one week to shave off a few pounds before hitting the Caribbean beaches.  Or maybe you want to fit into that sexy cocktail dress this Saturday night.  You panic, and are tempted to enter starvation mode, try a crash diet, or eliminate carbohydrates until then.  By taking any of these pointless actions, you will have no energy to enjoy yourself for the big vacation or event! If you want to know the healthiest, most effective way to lose unwanted weight quickly, follow these basic guidelines.

Eliminate this, choose that.

Eliminate foods that are high in sugar and salt.  Consuming an excess amount of foods loaded with either sugar or salt creates water retention in your body, causing you to feel and/or looked bloated.  High sodium foods include: canned goods, processed meats, fast food, frozen meals, soups, and many condiments such as soy sauce and ketchup. High in sugar foods include: white flour, soda/carbonated drinks, alcoholic drinks, baked goods, energy and meal replacement bars, cold cereal, ice cream, and fruit juice. During this week of cleansing, avoid dairy products, fake sugars, and protein supplements as they may also bloat you.

Oops, did we just eliminate a bulk of items on your daily diet?  See below to learn what you can eat to shed the weight.

Choosing diuretic foods are a great way to lose a few pounds this week.   To help lose water weight, be sure to incorporate these foods in your diet: asparagus, steamed spinach, tomatoes, artichokes, watermelon, oats, and parsley. Load your diet with green veggies and drink plenty of water and herbal teas, green tea specifically. See below for a sample day of eating.


–   ½ cup plain oatmeal with ½ cup berries and dash of cinnamon to taste

–   ½ cup egg whites scrambled w/ 1 teaspoon olive oil and pepper to taste


–   8 baby carrots with 2 tablespoons hummus


–       Large green salad with spinach, tomatoes, onions, balsamic vinegar for dressing

–   4oz grilled chicken

–   ½ sweet potato


–  Watermelon slices with 12 almonds or 1T natural nut butter


–  4oz baked white fish – season with garlic and lemon juice

–  ½ cup cooked barley

–  Steamed or grilled asparagus

In addition to your nutritious food choices, you must break a good sweat at least 4 days this week.  Cleanse that system. You’ll even experience more energy and a mood lift.  With a little bit of effort and preparation – you can shave off a few pounds this week and feel incredible walking the white sandy beaches!

Stay tuned for healthy and quick recipes created to fit your busy lifestyle and fitness goals!