You get all excited to attend the next holiday. You come hungry. You leave bloated. And the next thing you know, you’ve fallen victim to the holiday weight gain…umph.  This does NOT have to happen! You can still enjoy the delicious holiday bites and festive drinks, and not feel the guilt or weight creep up.  Are you wondering how to make this happen?

A major tip I offer to my clients is to have a few bites of good protein before leaving for your party, whether you’re hungry or not.  Protein is filling and will help prevent you from feeling completely ravenous at the party. My second tip relates to making smart, yet savory, food and drink choices.  Many people live by the rule, “everything in moderation”, but using that saying for entire an holiday season is not considered “moderation”, says Your Waistline.  With all of the tasty options offered at holiday gatherings, there is most likely a few better than worse options for you to choose from.

home-aloneBelow, is your SWAP LIST.

REMOVE: 8 ounces of eggnog. REPLACE: 8 ounces of light eggnog. SAVE: 100 calories

REMOVE: 6 ounces of wine. REPLACE: 6 ounces of wine spritzer. SAVE: 75 calories

REMOVE: Slice of pecan pie. REPLACE: Slice of pumpkin pie. SAVE: 225 calories

REMOVE: 4 Stuffed mushrooms. REPLACE: 4 Pieces of shrimp cocktail. SAVE: 330 calories

REMOVE: Medium size cupcake. REPLACE: Medium size cookie SAVE: 150 calories

REMOVE: 5 Fried mozzarella balls REPLACE: 5 Meatballs. SAVE: 150 calories

REMOVE: Artichoke dip. REPLACE: Hummus. SAVE: 175 calories

REMOVE: 5 Table crackers. REPLACE: 10 carrot sticks. SAVE: 100 calories

REMOVE: A cosmo. REPLACE: Vodka, club soda, splash of cranberry. SAVE: 132 calories

REMOVE: Prime rib. REPLACE: Honey glazed ham. SAVE: 400 calories

REMOVE: Mashed potatoes. REPLACE: Herb-roasted potatoes. SAVE: 120 calories

REMOVE: Gin and tonic. REPLACE: Champagne. SAVE: 70 calories

REMOVE: Fudge brownie. REPLACE: 5 Hershey’s kisses SAVE: 120 calories


Cheers to keeping FIT, HAPPY, and HEALTHY this holiday season!  We’re in this together!

will ferrell