Yesterday morning I was caught in a pickle. I realized I only had 30 minutes to squeeze in a workout from start to finish, and including any travel time. The easiest thing would have been to lace up the sneaks and head out to run a few miles, but I wanted to feel my muscles burn as well. So, what’s a girl to do?! I decided to use my living room furniture for equipment, lay out a mat, and kick my own tushie with the exercises below. Not only does this series keep your heart rate up for cardio, but it TONES lots of muscles in that HOT BOD of yours. Try it out. Let me know how you do 🙂

  • 50 jumping jacks
  • 25 pushups
  • 25 (each side) hip twisters in straight arm plank
  • 15 (each leg) forward to reverse lunges. *Don’t let foot touch middle while going to reverse.        Keep arms straight over head.
  • 25 tricep dips off edge of chair




1 Scoop of chocolate protein

1/2 large banana

1 tbsp almond butter

Ice and water

Blend until smooth. Enjoy – you earned it!