Have you ever given your fridge and pantry a “cleansing”? Would you know where to start? There is a chance you continuously buy food staples week after week, and may not realize there is a much more healthful version. If you want to cleanse your body and treat it like the machine it is, it all starts with what you stock in the fridge and pantry. Take a peek below at key foods that should always be on the grocery list vs. ones you should never toss into that cart again.

One more MEGA TIP that can actually help you DROP UNWANTED WEIGHT, without even trying. Always place your fruits and veggies at your perfect eye level and in plain sight. Stock all the less healthful items towards the bottom of the fridge. You will be more likely to grab at the fruits and veggies when you’re hungry, as opposed to anything else. Outta sight, outta mind!!!

food swap2

KICK: Ground beef KEEP: Lean ground turkey

KICK: Fresh berries KEEP: Frozen berries

KICK: Mayonnaise KEEP: Greek Yogurt

KICK: Bagels KEEP: Whole grain English muffins

KICK: Sugary cereals KEEP: KIND Granola

KICK: Tortilla wraps KEEP: Ezekiel wraps

KICK: Pretzels KEEP: Baby carrots

KICK: Rice KEEP: Quinoa

KICK: Canned Albacore tuna KEEP: Chunk light tuna in water

KICK: White flour KEEP: Whole wheat flour

KICK: Salad dressings KEEP: Balsamic vinegar and olive oil

KICK: Chips KEEP: Popcorn

KICK: Raisins KEEP: Dried cranberries

KICK: Butter KEEP: Olive oil

KICK: Steak KEEP: Wild Caught Salmon

KICK: Cocktails KEEP: Red wine

KICK: Salted nuts KEEP: Unsalted nuts

KICK: Milk KEEP: Almond milk

KICK: Flavored oatmeal packets KEEP: Plain oatmeal w/fresh fruit

KICK: Juice KEEP: Naturally flavored sparkling seltzer water

KICK: Spaghetti KEEP: Spaghetti squash